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In the Classroom

BF Skinner

"Teaching is the arrangement of contingencies to facilitate learning"

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The model

Meaningful outcomes starts with quality supervision.  Our model extends and complements existing research and recommendations.  We weave behavior analytic principles throughout our process to maximize the likelihood of success.

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Progression of Supervision

a quick overview

Private Tutoring
Young Student in Library

Phase 1

Fluency with direct care skills

  • RBT certification

  • Approximately 300-500 hours (weighted towards restricted time)

  • Ideally standardized for your setting or organization

  • Ensures solid foundation - eliminates trainees coming in at different levels

  • Limits supervision time spent on RBT/direct care level tasks in the future

Phase 2

Clinically Applied Project

  • Approximately 750 - 900 hours (50-50 balance for unrestricted time)

  • Trainee learns "soft skills" including: parent communication, written communication, staff training ​

  • Trainee learns scientific method and data analysis

  • Promotes dissemination within the field and targets MOs for seasoned BCBAs to generate clinical research

  • To be implemented only under the guidance of a BCBA with research experience

Lecture Hall Tutor

Phase 3

Apprenticeship: BCBA-Level Skills

  • Based off of research from Hartley, Courtney & Rosswurm (2016)

  • Remainder of hours (approximately 750-1000)

  • Trainee takes on 50-75% of a BCBA-level case load with oversight from a BCBA

  • Competencies and checklists utilizing BST to monitor progress and improve efficiency with supervision

  • Real world application of ABA to demonstrate generalization of skills with close mentoring

  • Allows BCBAs to take on larger caseloads - benefit for organizations

Our Model: Projects
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